Corporate Secretary Services

The time taken to incorporate the company will be about 2 days from the time of execution of the incorporation documents and approval of the name of the company. Every company must appoint a secretary within 6 months of the date of its incorporation. The company secretary must be residing locally in Singapore and he/she must not be the sole director of the company. The responsibilities of secretary is to advise the directors of on-going compliance requirements such as with local authorities namely, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”) of Singapore and the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (“IRAS”).

Incorporation service* S$750 (free company secretary service for 1 year)
Annual Company Secretary Service** from S$499 (free annual return submission and resolution for declaration of director fees)

* For Singapore company formation with corporate shareholder, an additional charge of S$100 is applied. For company setup with directors and shareholders more than 3 person, addition charge of S$50 per person is applied.

** Company Secretary Package includes:

  • Acting as named Corporate Secretary by our qualified staff
  • Prepare share certificates
  • Order and safekeep company common seal
  • Maintaining the Minutes and Register Books
  • Drafting of standard directors resolutions and minutes (AGM and resolution for declaration of director fees)
  • Advice on secretarial/statutory/compliance/accoutning/tax matters
  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with relecant legal requirements, particularly under Companies Act and Income Tax Act. 
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting minutes and submit annual return when due
  • For company with more than 3 directors/shareholders, extra charge is applied for annual secretarial fee


Other services for non-routine secretarial service:

  • Providing registered office address
  • Attend meeting and record of minutes by corporate secretary
  • Out-going for signing of documents/bank resolution by Company Secretary
  • Assistance in bank opening
  • Change in bank signatory
  • Preparation of resolution for opening/closing bank account
  • Resolution for declaration of dividend
  • Change of business activities
  • Change contact information of directors
  • Change in Auditor/Secretary
  • Change in Where Register Member Kept
  • Change in Registered Address
  • Change in Directorship
  • Update Director/Shareholder particulars
  • Change in Financial Year End
  • Resolution for Purchase of Property/Investment
  • Share Transfer to individual (includes certificate)
  • Share Transfer to corporate (includes certificate)
  • Allotment of Shares (includes certificate)
  • Change in Company Name
  • Change in Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Certified True Copy of documents
  • Liaise with auditor for annual statutory audit
  • Purchase of update business profile
  • Extension of AGM deadline (each month)

Please note all the above does NOT include stamping fees

Understanding Corporate Secretarial Services

What Is Corporate Secretarial Services?

With the passage of the Singapore Companies Act, all businesses are required to employ a Corporate Secretary within the first six months of the company’s incorporation. The person appointed to this system is necessary for completing the legal duties and requirements under the Companies Act, and this employee must meet strict standards and qualifications.

Corporate Secretarial Services help companies by providing a candidate who meets all of the requirements of the position, who can be added to your company’s registry. Additional services can include the record and files of the work completed by the Corporate Secretary and software and applications used to complete this work.


What Are the Qualifications a Corporate Secretary Must Meet?

The qualifications vary slightly by company size and public or private status, but the main requirements are common across all types of businesses. A Corporate Secretary must be a resident of Singapore. He or she may be a citizen, permanent resident or resident on work pass, but the residency must be Singapore.

In addition to residency, the Corporate Secretary must have knowledge of the company. This is key because it is this person who holds the responsibilities of both the directors and shareholders of the company. Though the Corporate Secretary has the least personal liability as a company stakeholder, their role is vital to maintaining the liability of the company.

Each Corporate Secretary is required to hold a professional PIN, granted by ACRA, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore. This necessitates the completion of industry standard qualifications and is used to authenticate the Secretary as both a resident and a knowledgeable staff member.


What Does a Corporate Secretary Do?

Ensuring compliance is largely the role of the Corporate Secretary. This employee keeps and uses the company seal and is required to facilitate the filing requirements of the Companies Act.

A large responsibility given to the Corporate Secretary is related to the company’s Statutory Register. Records including the appointment, resignation and death of members, the transfer or issuance of company shares, and the corporate filings must be kept by the Corporate Secretary. It is this employee is who is also responsible for registering these changes with ACRA.

The Corporate Secretary plays a large role in protecting and maintaining the activities of the Board of Directors. He or she is required to prepare the Circular Resolutions, maintain the minutes and the agenda or the Board’s meetings for the Chief Executive, and certifying the minutes, agenda and papers from each meeting. His or her role at the meetings also includes providing legal counsel for the terms of the Companies Act.

Annual reporting also requires a Corporate Secretary. This appointment is responsible for collecting and circulating financial reports, audited data and the fiduciary materials for the report. The Corporate Secretary oversees the procedures of the general meetings, including preparing the agenda and maintaining the minutes.


Using Corporate Secretarial Services

Relying on an agency to provide Corporate Secretarial Services ensures that a qualified employee will be recognized by the Companies Act and responsible for fulfilling these duties ably and according to compliance procedures.